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Precautions for the use of shower faucets
Addtime: 2022-06-22

For shower faucets, the most common problems are water leakage and the switch becomes astringent and loose. Sometimes, the leak has nothing to do with the faucet itself, but is caused by the aging, unstable water pressure or corrosion of the water supply hose that supplies the water to the faucet.

The water supply hose plays a very important role in the bathroom, but it is also a consumable item. If you neglect maintenance, once there are problems such as cracking and bursting, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, experts recommend that we check or replace the water supply hose every 1-2 years or so.

Use of shower faucet

Although replacing the water hose is not a complicated task, it is still up to the property or professional to do it. In addition, when renovating or replacing hoses afterwards, pay attention to whether workers have installed angle valves on the wall. Because the angle valve controls the switch of hot and cold water, it will be more convenient to replace the hose with it, otherwise the main gate must be closed, so it is not so troublesome.

Regarding the issue of "precautions for the use of shower faucets", the above has made a detailed analysis, and I believe that everyone has more knowledge and understanding of shower faucets. The key to bathing is to choose a suitable faucet according to the needs of the family, and there are many types and styles of shower faucets on the market.

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